Responsible AI In Government

Just like with human decision makers, AI systems must follow the relevant ethics & requirements. But the laws & regulations alone only provide a minimum standard – they are not sufficient to ensure that the AI system you operate is in line with your organisation’s values, ethics and societal expectations.

82% of organisations believe they adhere to ethical AI principles. Only 24% have procedures in place to verify this.

Who is ultimately responsible for the use of AI in your organisation? Do you have an AI Strategy and Assurance Framework in place? Do you have a Chief AI Officer?

Are your people adequately trained to understand how AI is being used in your organisation? Can they ensure it can operate in line with your values, ethical standards and stakeholder expectations?

The Australian Government’s Ethical AI Principles

Human, Societal and Environmental Wellbeing
Human-Centred Values
Privacy, Protection and Security
Reliability and Safety
Transparency and Explainability

Our Services

Emerging tech conversation-starter – we can provide thought-provoking presentations, drawing on our decades of experiences in Government, with content tailored to your organisation's needs and challenges.

AI training and capability build – our expert team is across the latest trends regarding the use and regulation of AI and can provide executive and general training for your organisation.

AI Strategy Development – we can assist you to establish and refine your AI strategy and framework for responsible AI.

Ethical AI/Privacy Impact Assessments – we can ensure that AI applications, products and services uphold privacy rights and data protection, and adhere to the other AI Ethical Principles.

Security Strategy Development – we can assist you establish and enhance your cyber security strategy, investment, operating model and assurance.


Established NSW Data Analytics Centre and appointed NSW Chief Data Scientist.


Appointed first Government Cyber Security and Information Officer.


Created Cyber Security NSW andoversaw record in investment in cyber uplift.


Oversaw Government response to Service NSW data breach.


Established ID Support NSW.


Released nation-leading AI Assurance Framework


Oversaw Government Response to Optus data breach.